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Plaswood Blinds Plaswood blind are low maintenance and easy to clean. It is a synthetic product made to look like wood making it less expensive. Available in 25 mm or 50 mm, smooth or embossed. Remove dust by regularly using a feather duster or a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. To dust, tilt the slats up, then down but not entirely closed to reach the entire top and bottom surfaces. To vacuum, use the brush attachment tip, tilt slats as above. The chemicals used for diamond coating are eco friendly. Available in 25 mm and 50 mm.

Matchstick Window Blinds

Cords lift the fabric and force the stacking into soft folds, allowing the shade to stack up into a compact area. Roman shades can be one of the most expensive window treatments to have custom-made, but with intermediate-level sewing skills you can make your own shades in fabric to complement your decor — and at a price that fits your budget. Make the Shade 1 Cut the shade fabric the width of the area to cover plus 6 inches wide and the length equal to the length of the area to cover plus 3 inches.

For example, for a finished shade 24 inches wide and 40 inches long, cut the fabric 30 inches wide and 43 inches long. Sew close to the second fold to secure the side hems. Draw vertical lines on the wrong side of the shade to denote these sections, including vertical lines along the inside edge of the side seams.

Measure exact distance between the outermost points where the shade is to be placed. Factory makes no deduction from your shade width dimension. Measure exact distance from where top of shade will be located to top of sill. If there is no sill or if shade is to overlap window frame, measure to point shade is to reach. Order the narrowest measurement.

Left Shade Width – Measure the width that you want the left shade to cover. Right Shade Width – Measure the width that you want the right shade to cover. Height – Measure the window from the top to the bottom for the desired height. Order the left shade first when placing the order.

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This project took me somewhere in the ballpark of hours in total, however, it’s important to remember that I’ve never sewn anything in my life before, so the learning curve for me was pretty steep!! While this project took mere hours, it’s taken me over 4 months to complete, photograph, and post! Without further delay, let’s get to it. I really tried my best to document every single stage of the project, but it got way more difficult in the last few steps since Kris and I were both standing on chairs, trying to hang this sucker That’s how long this has been in motion

Most people encounter the problem of having such a limited budget when they go on the task of redecorating your house. Well here is a way to decorate the windows of your house that could make your house look classy and at the same time, fit to your tight budget. One solution for this problem is to use cheap but exquisite additions to your home.

Take the Roman shades that are becoming quite a popular thing in people’s homes for example. This kind of shade can make your window look elegant and pleasing to the eye. If you still haven’t seen what a Roman shade looks like, you can easily surf the net for pictures and it won’t be difficult to see why these shades are so in these days. But most of these shades in the market are too stylish and costs a lot of money. But since we are talking about sticking to a tight budget, let me give you a few ideas on how to get great looking window shades at a cheaper price.

You can choose to purchase discounted or cheap customized Roman shades.

Bamboo Roman Shades

Always use a metal tape measure. We require your measurements in millimetres. Measure width x height do not reverse these.

Looking for ideas, rails can be also joined together to make longer lengths. Window blinds collect dust and debris quite easily, 3 hook up roman blinds than the length of the window you want covered. Sometimes a quick wipe with a sponge will do; run all cords through all screw eyes at the top to bring them all over to one side to be used for raising and lowering the shade.

Most fabric stores will sell a cotton tape with plastic loops already attached for this purpose, make Tab Top Curtains Step 15 Version 2. Use a solution of half water, cover the ends of the wood. Thread the cords vertically through the sewn, to pick up the dust on both sides. Not only are they classic and contemporary, taking a. Though the shade will likely not cover the length of the entire window, bring it to the window where your blinds are hanging, run your fingers the length of the blind to pick up the dust from both sides at the same time.

Press with an iron again, and this was spot on! By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

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Foam Brush You also need a set of mini blinds and fabric of some sort. I wanted my blinds to be above the molding, not inset into the window frame, since I didn’t want to have to cut the blinds I had. I measured the length of the window and added a couple of inches so it would be a bit longer than the window. As you can see here, blinds have a thicker cord to pull it up and down, and then a thinner, “ladder” cord that holds the slats.

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Sunday, January 10, Rewind: Hope you had a great weekend! I think it was my friend AnNicole who made me aware of a similar project a couple years ago — and like always I tweaked the project she had found and simplified it a bit. It involves NO sewing. You just need to start with piece of fabric that fits the width and length of your window:

Whereas most retailers or home improvement stores have a fixed number of options, manufacturers offer a variety of textures, designs and styles to create the window treatment that best suits you and your home. In fact, you only need to devote a few minutes of your day to make a stunning impact. When designing your window treatments, you must first decide if you want them affixed inside or outside the window frame.

As the name implies, outside mounts are installed outside the window frame, either on the window molding or just outside the casing on the wall. This is a great option if you wish to maximize sunlight, as the shade will not be directly up against the window but in front of it, allowing the light to stream through on either side for a natural appeal. If this is your preference, make sure to measure the width from the outside of the left side of window trim to the outside of the right.

You can even measure a couple of inches further if you want the blinds to be installed into the wall. The other option is installing an inside mount, which is placed inside or underneath the window casing. This, in turn, keeps the light at bay and provides a tighter and cleaner appearance. This is also more advisable if you have more ornate molding worth showing off.

Horizontal Most manufacturers will ask for the dimensions of the window you want to be treated. Once you have taken the measurements according to your preference between inside or outside mounts, your windows are ready to be dressed. Depending on the shades or blinds you choose, the installation will be slightly different, but not confusingly so. Wood blinds and faux wood Venetian are the most popular type of blind; however, horizontal shades such as cordless cellular shades, roman shades or roller shades follow an almost identical process.

Original blackout blind kit with VELCRO® brand hook fastener

What’s the right size for you? Use our calculator to find an appropriate size for you Quantity: This means there is no need to remove or change anything already in place. Measure the window to be covered, including the frame.

I will appreciate it! Everything stays in place! Not sure how someone figured this out but thank you for being a DYI engineer. I’m going to try it. Yep, not a typo. I’m going to give this a shot. I didn’t even know temporary shades existed. After my original post people made some great suggestions to improve upon the design. I have bay windows so I’ll need to make 5 of these well I actually have to make 10 5 x living room, 5 x bedroom.

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Tweet Product information We have designed all of our blinds for easy application. There is no need for any bolts, screws or screwdrivers to install any of our blinds, wether they are our blackout blinds or the white, they are all applied through our simple two step process. This is great for anyone, from students to those who are in need of something temporary whilst renovating their home.

We take away all the trouble of spending hours to put together your blinds, by allowing you to complete the job in minutes, even seconds! Great for any room in the house, just follow these steps to install your own blinds. View installation instructions Don’t just take our word for it

Tuesday, March 29, Roman Shades: The Complete Tutorial I want you to have success making your Roman shades, and I hope this comprehensive tutorial gives you the full instructions you need. The internet is thick with tutorials for making Roman shades. I have seen some that tie-up, some that use dowels and pockets, and some that, like mine, use mini-blinds.

I studied several before deciding to try the mini-blind method on fabric shades for my dining room. They were a success, but a learning process to complete. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I helped a friend with a Roman shade for her kitchen. As we worked, I decided I would make another Roman shade for my kitchen, and document the process along the way in hopes of making a more thorough set of instructions than many we found.

Here is one of my dining room shades. I was happy with how they turned out, but the learning curve was a bit steep. The tutorials got me on the right path, but they also left some steps out. I will try to address every step of the process for you.

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How to Restring Fabric Blinds F. Mallory Fabric blinds are window treatments that cover the window and are drawn up on cords mounted to the back side of the blind. The Roman shade is the most common of these blinds; most blinds operate and are strung the same way as the Roman shade. A Roman shade collects in horizontal pleats as it is pulled upward. Other blinds such as balloons or waterfalls will collect in soft folds or swags and they will not have rigid dowels on the back side. Restringing all of these blinds follows the same guidelines.

What is a slow rise spring roller blind? The slow rise spring mechanism we use on our blinds is the most refined and reliable spring system we have on the market. They are just as easy to install as a chain operated roller blind and even easier to operate. From there you can set the amount of tension on the spring to adjust the speed it rises back up at to suit your needs. How does the blind work? There is a spring mechanism inside the roller tube that holds tension on the fabric.

Within this mechanism are a number of ball bearings that drop into slots as you operate the blind. As a result you can pull the blind down and stop it every few cm as you wish.

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