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One piece by Hilliard was mounted on a playing card; three hearts are still visible, and we may wonder if there is symbolic significance in that. These gorgeous pieces appear to have been the sole province of royalty, nobility and the very rich, as most surviving examples from that period are extremely fine and beautifully wrought. They would have been beyond the reach of all but the wealthy. Miniatures appear to have come into their own, and for a much broader spectrum of the population in the 18th Century, when they were owned by royalty, gentry, and commoner folk alike.

Some surviving examples are very much in the folk art vein, unsophisticated and perhaps even crude, but charming nonetheless. In same cases we can see the development of a talent; for instance an early self-portrait miniature by the artist John Singleton Copley is quite stiff and oversimplified compared to the confidence, energy and accuracy of his later works.

AFFECTIONATELY YOURS: AMERICAN MINIATURE PORTRAITS AND THE STORIES THEY TELL. February 14 – August 25 The Raymond and Linda White Collection of American miniature portraits at Cheekwood is brimming with stories.

Farrier, Charlotte – portrait of James Courthope Peache When purchased at auction, this miniature portrait was accompanied by three notes which has enabled some interesting detective work. A summary of the process is set out here, but it took several hours, with many uncertainties, and dead-ends, on the way. The notes are by two different hands and analyzing their content shows how confusing and possibly wrong information can arise and be transmitted across the generations.

The sitter looks to be aged about 50 to 60, and to be dressed in clothes from around The first note reads; The enclosed miniature came into my possession many years ago. The old gentleman treated me as one of his grandchildren when he was living at Wimbledon House, none of us were then married! Many changes having taken place since that time! From this it seems that the writer of the first note was Mrs Loftus Tottenham.

John Smart Superb Miniature Portrait c1797

This is part of the Artists and Ancestors collection of miniature portraits. This Gallery holds American miniatures from 18C to 20C acquired for the collection from January Thursday Wood, Joseph – portrait of a naval officer Although there is a preference for named sitters, this attractive miniature was acquired from New York as an unidentified naval officer by an unknown artist.

The Portrait Gallery has been churning out shows of portrait miniatures over the last few years, as part of a determined campaign to raise the genre’s profile. While previous shows highlighted the gallery’s own collection, and entire private collections, this show is the first .

Very finely painted miniature original oil on card of an elderly gentleman dating to the late 18th or early 19th century as suggested by his clothing. This elderly gentle is depicted in fine clothing, plump and pale face and well kept hair which all suggest wealth as does the fact that he could afford to employ an artist to depict his likeness in miniature. This was most likely a gift for either a wife or daughter to have on their person when traveling.

Superbly framed in an oval gilt frame with convex glass surrounded by a blackened wooden walnut mount. The brass catch is decorated with an acorn and leaves delicately on top. Unfortunately this miniature cannot be attributed to any particular artist as the information on the back is illegible. A partial date of is apparent on the back paper. A fabulous addition to your fine miniature art collection, Georgian or Victorian home decor. CONDITION This miniature painting is in good condition with some signs of use commensurate with age please see all pictures as they form part of the condition description.

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This is part of a collection of miniature portraits. For the Home page and links to other miniatures, please click on the links which appear when the page is fully loaded. Brown ” for John Henry Brown.

Schweikart’s portrait is, of course, much more refined and larger than our miniature, but the pose and age of the subject are rather similar, as are aspects of the .

This is part of the Artists and Ancestors miniature portrait collection. Click on Home to return to the start page. Click on my photo for my email link. Monday April – Harriet Hemings? An interesting miniature portrait sold recently on eBay was this one, said to be of Harriet Hemings. This is an incredible portrait miniature with a very unusual look.

It was no doubt done by a highly skilled artist technically as the face is simply incredible. One of the papers inside the piece indicates the subject as “Harriett Hemings”, president Thomas Jefferson had two daughter’s with his slave Sally Hemings, named Harriett, one dying shortly after birth, and the other, often known as “Harriet II”, was born at Monticello in and was known to be working in the textile factory by age It was well known that she was very light skinned and could “pass for white”.

2 British Miniature Portraits

Classical modernity believed in the ability of the future to realize the promises of past and present — even after the death of God, even after the loss of faith in the immortality of the soul. The notion of a permanent art collection says it all: During the period of modernity, the ‘body of work’ replaced the soul as the potentially immortal part of the Self. But today, this promise of an infinite future holding the results of our work has lost its plausibility.

A Brief History of the Miniature Portrait by Kate Johnson Miniatures on vellum, copper, wood, card and other surfaces were popular in the Renaissance period, with small jewel-like works by Lucas Horenbout, who painted Henry VIII in the s; Hans Holbien, Nicolas Hilliard in the 16th century, and later by John Hoskins, Samuel Cooper and others.

It is very unusual in that the sitter has a dog on her knee. It is the only miniature in the collection to show a pet, apart perhaps from a family group where one of the children is holding a butterfly on a string, although it is conceded it may be stretching things a little to call a butterfly a pet. There were several people named Ethel Underwood and so it has been a little difficult to determine which one is correct. Ethel’s brothers were George R Underwood ?

Thaxter Underwood was involved in the design of the first outdoor swimming pool built in America, in Belmont, MA and opened Jun 17, Larsfield of 20 Leamington Road, Brighton, from designs provided by H. Thaxter Underwood of 46 Cornhill, Boston.

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Burt, Albin Roberts – portrait of Zerah Colburn This miniature portrait was painted by a British artist in England, but has been included in an American Gallery as it is of a famous 19C American maths prodigy. A portrait of a youthful Oxford academic bedecked in his gown, possibly an American as no British census records exist for the name Zerah Cobourn.

Some of the writing on the rear is hard to read, but Zerah Cobourn for Colburn can be read at the top. He was born on 1 September and died on 2 March , being a child prodigy of the 19th century who gained fame as a mental calculator. There is more about him at Zerah Colburn math prodigy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia He also wrote a book about his life which is available at A memoir of Zerah Colburn:

William Blake’s Miniature Portraits of the Butts Family M. Crosby Blake/An Illustrated Quarterly, Volume 42, Issue 4, Spring , pp. Rossetti amends the dating to This date is retained ject before him in order to execute a miniature portrait. This is a claim that, as we shall see, he reiterates in

Musicological Trifles and Biographical Paralipomena Sep 19, Joseph Lange’s Mozart Portrait Joseph Lange ‘s unfinished portrait of Mozart is one of the most popular and best known images of the composer. Its somber coloring and its unfinished state have made it a visual icon of Mozart in his Vienna years. And yet Mozart scholarship does not even know for sure when Mozart’s brother-in-law painted this portrait. In Edward J. Dent claimed that it originates from This dating did not gain acceptance either and in Roland Tenschert in his book Mozart.

In he dated the portrait with “winter of “, curiously describing it as “a sketch in oils, unfortunately never completed”.

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